Astounding acoustical clarity.

Extremely compact package.

DIFFUSE Signature is the platform for the DIFFUSE system.  Designed to facilitate architects, engineers, and integrators with a complete solution for managing the inextricable link between sound production and management – and to do so with a 1″ mounting depth.   This thin profile diffuser scatters sound through space and delays energy in a very linear fashion which deepens the soundstage, widens the imaging and adds precision to spatial cues.  Because of the thin profile and lack of deep wells or cavity resonance, DIFFUSE Signature works well as both a far-field diffuser and is the greatest near-field diffusion device available – with no audible coloration.  Designed to be architecturally appealing, DIFFUSE is a seamless acoustic system with beautiful aesthetics that pair magnificently with any listening environment where one desires warm and intelligible sound.